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Prefects Inauguration

Message to all Prefects
School is a temple of learning. It is a building which has four walls with future inside.
Great Lawra woods School is a well-respected establishment within the surrounding area. The School provides an excellent learning environment to all students. There is very friendly environment in the school. The Teachers & pupils work together and prove that our vision ‘A Problem Solving School’ is followed.
“No man will make a leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.” I believe gives every pupil the opportunity to shine.

Happy Prefects Inauguration Day.

Look upon this position as opportunity to encourage fellow GLWS towards great involvement in School activities, motivate them to use the platform of various opportunities provided with both zeal to learn and spirit to excel.

Getting an opportunity to be elected for such a responsible post would have been impossible without our beloved respected School Coordinator Mrs. Ikoro, a woman of wisdom & knowledge , pupils & all my respected teachers who are always ready to guide us through the journey of life.

At last but not the least, make sure you commit yourself to give the best to keep up the dignity of responsibilities bestowed upon you. May the Almighty God bless us all.

Great Lawra woods School
66, Franzaki Street, Bucknor Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos.

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